Investment on GOOG and GOOGL stock

Many people in the world use services provided by Google like email, searching, advertising, and many more. In such a case, people may also like to invest in NASDAQ GOOG and GOOGL stock. There is a rule investment that if people find profit in an investment, they would like to invest there again and again. In the case of newpeople, they hesitate in making investment. People are interested in purchasing shares of different companies because they can sell them later to earn more money. The shares of Google company are also very popular and they are launched by its holding company called Alphabet. Let us know something more about Google.

Introduction to Google

People know Google as the best search engine as it helps the users search anything that is available on the internet. The company provides many more products and services and currently its yearly turnover is billions of dollars.

The company was founded in 1998 and it provides products and services related to internet. It also provides video watching through YouTube, cloud storage, Android operating system for mobiles, and many others. The primary source of income of the company is advertising which it does through online channels. In other words, it can be said that digital advertising is its main source of income.


The main competitors of the company areApple in the case of and the main product for competition is iOS operating system developed by the company. In the field of digital advertising, Facebook and Amazon are its competitors. Microsoft is the competitor in the field of cloud storage.

Researching about the stock

People need to, do a lot of homework before investing in any stock. There are different ways to research on any stock before making a purchase. No way has yet been developed to know whether a buyer will get the money, which he has invested in buying the shares. Analysis of stock is also different.People must be aware of the fundamentals related to investment and these are as follows.

  • Earning which they will get per share
  • Ratio of earning and price
  • Monitoring thegrowth of earning
  • Amount of dividend

People must know the basics

There are manythings that a buyer needs to check before making an investment in Google stock. These are as follows.

  • Financial statements of the company
  • Balance sheet which shows the earning, turnover, and debt
  • Reports of growth that are generated quarterly
  • Cash flow
  • Business model of the company
  • Plan which will help in growing the company in future

In all, it can be said that people need to do proper research before purchasing Google stock or other shares. You can check its releases at before stock buying.