ACWX offers the investors a bunch of stocks that are easy to access. It covers about 85% of world market capitalization. It tracks the performance of a market-cap-weighted index of global stocks. ACWX is a wonderful benchmark that can be used for global stock comparison. The NASDAQ: ACWX stocks at are currently standing at a comfortable position of 47.03 dollars. It has an estimated high of 47.17 and an estimated low of 46.85.

Key takeaways of ACWX

  • Investors looking for international exposure can learn much from ACWX.
  • It is a combination of developed and emerging markets worldwide.
  • A good benchmark for comparison of global stocks in the market
  • ACWX is an ETF that is getting its high stakes from the emerging markets
  • Investors can gain a lot from ACWX as it gives access to the index of ACWI and its global stocks of developed and emerging markets

Details on NASDAQ: ACWX

The current position of NASDAQ: ACWX is 47.03 dollars and is in a strong position. Potential investors of this ETF can get global exposure to the ups and downs of the global stock market. It provides investors with a basket of easily accessible stocks and a well-represented target market.

ACWX tracks the index of about 85% of the international market capitalization. This includes international large and midcap stocks. Though the ACWX has a higher fee than its cap-weighted peers, its tracking differences suggest that it’s cheaper to hold. It has strong liquidity, and a good streamline of stocks further reduces its costs.

ACWX top holding companies include:

  • The iShares MSCI India ETF
  • Alibaba group holding ltd
  • Nestle SA
  • Samsung electronics
  • Roche Holding AG
  • Novartis AG
  • Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing
  • ASML Holding NV
  • SAP SE

With all these stock market giants in the basket, ACWX surely is a wonderful benchmark for comparison.

An insight on ACWX

  • The iShares MSCI ACWI ex U.S. ETF is more than eight years old.
  • Has about 1.9 billion in assets under management
  • It provides the investors to break their national barriers and get exposed to developed and emerging markets equities excluding the U.S. fare.
  • Though ACWX comprises developed and emerging markets ETF, the fund is marketed by developed markets like the U.K. and Japan.
  • China is ACWX largest emerging market.

The bottom line is

ACWX provides its investors with global exposure, and NASDAQ: ACWX is going strong in the market. So with the positive vibes, investors can reap good returns. Potential investors can take this trend in their stride and think of investing in ACWX by taking advice from a good financial advisor. You can check more stock information from real time stock market. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.